Thomastik THPI-24 altvioolsnaar C-4 4/4 (37cm/14



With the long-awaited introduction of the Peter Infeld (PI) strings for viola, Thomastik-Infeld has employed cutting-edge technology to create an unparalleled playing experience for professional violists.

Peter Infeld strings radiate a rich, dark sound with a beautiful timbre that can be both
big and powerful as well as tender and nuanced. The vast spectrum of tone colors created by PIstrings enables you to achieve complete musical expression.

The sound of PI strings effortlessly finds its way to the remote corner of a large hall without losing any of its tone colors or expressive qualities.

The cutting-edge core material enables the immediate translation of every single impulse from the left hand or bow into an expressive and powerful sound. The left hand feel is gentle and engaging. PI’s unique ZEBRA-windings provide rich overtones and an extraordinary bow sound.

Musical versatility is the hallmark of extraordinary viola performance when playing
in a quartet, orchestra or soloistically. With its smooth, warm top and powerful bottom strings, PI offers abundant modulation in all ranges and exceptional support for violists.

PI strings provide excellent pitch stability and can perform tasks ranging from the subtlest tonal effects to producing a strong, sonorous sound, allowing you to blend in and stand out!